Nigerian Journal of Social Studies (NJSS)

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Notes to Contributor

  1. The Nigerian Journal of Social Studies will consider for publication articles that deal with:
    1. The nature of social studies.
    2. Curriculum organization in social studies.
    3. Methods and techniques for teaching and learning social studies.
    4. Analysis of physical and social issues which can be used by the classroom teachers of social studies.
    5. Research reports and study in social studies.
    6. Innovation programmes and practices in social studies:
    7. Evaluation in social studies.
    8. Special interest areas, such as citizenship, global and international education, cultural awareness, human rights, environmental damage and environmental sustainability, peace /conflict resolution education, drug education, HIV/AIDS education etc.
  2. All articles are received on the understanding that they have not been sent elsewhere for publication consideration or have already been printed elsewhere.
  3. Articles are to be typed on A4 size double spaced on one side of the paper and should contain wide margins. Three copies of each article must be submitted. The length of an article should be a maximum of 3000 words or 12 to 14 pages. Do not include electronic copy at this stage.
  4. A short biographical note (30 words) on the author should be submitted along with the manuscript.
  5. A vetting fee of two thousand naira only is to accompany the article, payable in cash to SOSAN account.
  6. Articles and other enquires should be addressed to Editor

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